“Unexpected Eden” by Rhenna Morgan, Review Tour


Title: Unexpected Eden

Author: Rhenna Morgan

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance

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Paradise, love, power…and a prophecy with a price.

Most people believe Eden no longer exists. Lexi Merrill’s about to learn they’re wrong. A hard-working bartender with a self-sufficient backbone and a wary nature, she knows pickup lines like a second language. So, when Eryx Shantos barges into her world with too-smooth words and a body to back it up, she locks up her libido and vows to keep her distance.

Eryx has other ideas. As king of the Myren race, Eryx is duty-bound to enforce the laws preventing exposure of their existence to humans. Yet The Fates have led him through his dreams to Lexi, a temptation he doesn’t want to resist. The question–is she Myren, or human which makes her forbidden fruit?

When Eryx’s nemesis tags Lexi as his next target, Eryx insists on taking her home where he can keep her safe. Lexi had no idea “home” would mean the one-and-only land of creation…or that she’d trigger a prophecy that could doom her newfound race. get-attachment.aspx


Review: 4/5 stars

I was so excited to find a book like this! As an avid supporter of all things fantasy, it’s good to see new authors expanding in this genre! I just had to say yes to a read & review for this book!

Here’s my reading experience: (Warning Spoilers beyond this point) Ever read a story where the characters names just don’t fit their personalities? Well author Rhenna Morgan, has not only adeptly named her characters but has given them explosive personalities to back them up! Lexi and Eryx are full of wit, charm, bravery, and steamy romance! I’ll admit that the emotions feel a bit rushed, BUT I will also point out that Eryx has been waiting an awfully long time for Lexi, so who can blame him for all that pent up love and lust?

Maxis is the perfect villain, and I want to give Morgan some BIG props for the way she handled his story. It was very well done, how we get to see his run in at the beginning with our main characters, and then his story continues on its own until the big blow out at the end. While reading I wanted to shout at our protagonists that Maxis was plotting against them, but of course they were busy will some well-deserved alone time!

The story was well crafted, and using Eden as a setting was perfect. You can really tell the author put a lot of thought into the world she created; there is a hierarchy and order that keeps everything moving forward in a way that makes sense.

I would like to see more of Ian in the next book, and I think we will. He is a good tie for Lexi to have to her old life, and Morgan also seems to be setting him up for a very interesting story.

However, and this may be a bit of surprise, but I would name Ludan as my favorite character! What can I say? I prefer the ‘rough around the edges type’! I can’t wait to see what Morgan has in store for him and the others as the series continues!

get-attachment.aspxABOUT THE AUTHOR

Rhenna Morgan writes for the same reason she reads—to escape reality.

Yes, her life rocks—two beautiful little girls, a great husband, a steady job, and the kind of friends that would take you out back if you hurt her. But, like most women, she’s got obligations stacked tight from dusk to dawn. So, when the world gets her down, she slips into something…less realistic.

Romance is a must. So is a steamy romp (or four). Nothing thrills her more than the fantasy of new, exciting worlds, strong, intuitive men, and the sigh of, “Oh if only that could happen to me.”

So, if you’re picking up one of her books, expect portals into alternate realms and men who’ll fight to keep the women they want. Romantic escape for the women who need it.

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